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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

They get their smarts from their dad, their goodlooks from their mom

Joe was just in a science competition sponsored by Entergy Nuclear. There were 10 teams from all over the county that participated in this competition. Joe's team, lead by Joe, won 1st prize! they built a model and made plans that would change the way the intake tunnel would bring water from Lake Ontario into the plant, that would save the plant several million dollars. They each won $1000 and a medal and there is a trophy that Joe has. The people from the plant took Joe's power point Cd. It was very exciting. I am very proud.

Here comes the Bride

Deseree got married on October 25th to Matthew Wyatt (We call him Wyatt). It was a beautiful event. They were married in the Logan Utah LDS Temple and had a reception in Providence Utah that evening. All my family was able to be there. We are very happy for Des and Wyatt. Sam was still on his mission at the time, but they got married in his mission boundaries so he was allowed to attend the ceremony. Joe was the best man, Marissa was the flower girl, Des' 2 friends Natalie Pace and Tiffany Peck were Bridesmaids.
Thanks to all family and friends that helped make it special!
We had a small open house in NY in Dec. to celebrate with friends here.

Mr. Toad's wild ride

I know that I have told everybody about my wreck, but it was very impactful in my life.
I was driving along the rode at work in the 15 passenger van when a lady ran a stop sign and hit just behind the drivers door, flipping the van on its roof on a guardrail. I slid down the guardrail for about 8 feet and then slid off and landed on the side. It was very surreal. I looked around and thought ok what now. I turned off the van and undid my seat belt falling to the passenger door. looking around I decided that the only way out was through the back door so I crawled along the roof and some how got the back door open and climbed out. I was very blessed! I had some glass in my hand and a stiff neck, that was all. They did take me to the hospital in an ambulance, but they didn't even use the siren. I had x-rays and tests but other than being quite shook up I was fine. I do get harassed at work though. Some time I will tell you about the spiritual things that took place.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Wow what a long time again. I have had a very busy mostly wonderful fall. I have been able to visit with my family and I have the most adorable Granddaughters ever. I got to go Trick or Treating with them it was great. Marissa was "Mulan" and Janelle was a Cowgirl. In the little city that they live in there is a downtown walk for the kids. All the businesses along the main street have people that stand outside and hand out candy and so all the people line up and walk around the main street. It was really fun. The city is full of beautiful bronze statues. I love the picture of Marissa checking out "Mark Twain" in front of the library.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Still Here

Wow I can't believe it has been so long since I blogged. I thought by closing the store I would have more time. What a joke. I am working "full time" at the Hill Cumorah Historic sites in Palmyra. I really enjoy the work, the people, the beautiful area, but I do not enjoy the long drive and of course I am still too busy.
I got to do a bit of traveling however this fall. I went to Denver for a week and to Utah for 2 weeks. Deseree lives just outside of Denver so I went to see her and then to Utah to see my sweet Grand babies and other family members.
This is just a quick up date I will write more soon I promise. Just to let you know Des is getting married on Oct. 25th and Sam will be Home Nov. 1st! Yeah.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fun Visit

I was able to spend two weeks in Utah visiting family and being Grandma. My sisters and I were able to get together at Des' Bridal Shower. And All my girls were there too (Baby on board). Then of course I was able to play with my kids and grandkids! My favorite thing to do.

New Addition!!!

That's right I am a Grandma again. Thomas and Karen had their 2nd sweet little girl, Janelle, Born May 27th. She weighed 7lbs 11oz and was 191/2 inches long. She has a little blond spot on the top of her dark hair. She is gorgeous! I had such a great time being there. My little Marissa is my sweet little buddy and I absolutely love her to pieces. I was able to stay for two weeks. It gets harder and harder to leave. Marissa called yesterday, "Gwandma, where are you?" I will be there again soon.

Bridal Shower

It was a fun time Sat. the 24 of May. When I got to pick Deseree up at the SLC airport and we spent the day doing Wedding stuff. We were able to get the announcements and tuxes done and flower and cake ideas. Then we went to a fun Bridal Shower for Des that was given by her good friends Natalie and Tiffany. It was held in the party room at Aunt Janet's Condo. Thanks Everyone! It was a pampered Chef party and Des got some really nice things. The shower was all in Pink and Black, the girls did a nice job.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Lacrosse Season

Well Lacrosse season has started again. So that means that emergency room season has started again. Joe is playing varsity defense and he takes it seriously!
The first injury occurred when he blocked a shot on goal with his shoulder. He had a baseball sized knot on the top of his left shoulder. As the swelling went down it bleed out into his arm creating a bruise all the way down his upper arm. The 2nd injury happened a week later when an opposing team helmet separated his right shoulder. Since then there have been no injuries, mainly because he is sitting out on injured reserve.

Monday, March 17, 2008

The trials of life

It has been one of those months.
It started with us discovering that the carpet in our family room was wet. After much investigating we found that there was a pinhole leak in the heating radiator. So every time the heat came on(which is a lot) water was leaking out into the family room. So we have STARTED the process of getting repaired.
The ice maker on the freezer has stopped producing ice.
And I had to have the screw taken out of my foot. At least I don't have a screw loose anymore.
We finally have all of the product that was left from the store into the house now and some what organized. If you want to see whats left give me a call. (or leave a comment) The garage is still full of racks and shelves which is a problem especially now. We got a new car! that was a good thing this month. Joe is especially pleased since now (for awhile) he has a car to drive. Well that's it for today.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Most adorable girl

I had a chance to make a brief stop in Utah and Colorado on my way home from CA. Marissa is the most adorable little girl I have every met. She is delightful. She kept saying she wanted to drive cars, finally Karen told me that she wanted to play Nintendo Mario kart. She is her father's daughter.

Engagement NEWS!

Yes there is some exciting engagement news! Deseree is engaged and is getting married August 8th (08/08/08). She is marrying Matthew Wyatt in Logan Utah. We are all very excited. Her ring is huge and gorgeous.

California Adventures

I had a great time at the CHA show in California. Especially since it was 80 degrees there and 20 here. I was able to see a lot of new things at the show and it was very fun being on the other end of the money tree. I was able to work with Anna Griffin (the picture) which was very cool.I was able to get away to Downtown Disney one night to buy the family souvenirs. Of course I made stops on my way back in Utah and Colorado.